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QNE Wechat Mobile Salesperson App

WeChat is an instant messaging app which allows its users to send words, emojis and pics one-on-one with contacts. It is also a social media and mobile payment app that’s why it has been called as a multi-purpose application. But how is it related to mobile marketing? Its top features can definitely boost the company’s market internationally. Businesses can use several marketing strategies using this. With over 1.2 billion active users in the world and being the most popular e-commerce and task processing platform in China, WeChat is really the undisputed champ. This is why QNE developed a WeChat Mobile App with mini-programs called “sub-applications” inside the WeChat ecosystem.

One of the biggest advantages of this Mini App is the notion of One-App-Rule-Them-All concept. Instead of downloading an actual app, this Mini App allows the users to open an app page within WeChat. And by installing WeChat itself, its users do not need to keep track of the updated version of QNE WeChat Mobile App.

To give you an overview of this, QNE WeChat Mobile App allows users to create and update the inventory items and customer accounts, issue quotation, sales order, delivery orders and sales invoices, monitor the sales target of salesperson and keep track of its real-time inventory balance anytime, anywhere. It can be accessed using mobile phones via WeChat account. With its functionalities, QNE WeChat Mobile App can be tagged as a Salesperson App since it allows its users to deal with the customers by tracking and monitoring their sales target.

With its efficiency, astonishing accessibility and increased speed in dealing with customers, through this Mobile Sales App, it can aid your company to stay ahead of your competitors and able to increase your profitability.



1. It is portable and lightweight and this allows users to access the data on this Salesperson App anytime, anywhere!

2. Users do not need to constantly install to keep up with the version of the QNE WeChat Mobile App. Since it is a cloud-based mobile sales app, it can automatically refresh and update its account.

3. Its functionality is simple and clear and the dashboard form is detailed.

4. It allows its users to access to this mobile sales app to corporate data. With just their fingertips, this will help them to gain an advantage in the ever-challenging marketplace.

5. Users of this salesperson app will be able to create, edit and export reports to various available formats in mobile version of accounting software.

6. Reports can be generated by users in a matter of minutes. No more waiting time! This means that there’s a quicker recall of customers. Users do not need to worry about the delay in issuing the information to customers.

7. It can save time and resources because upon saving, the data and information created in the mobile sales app will directly be updated in the database real-time!

8. This salesperson app also provides high availability architectures. It has high speed connectivity and data retrieval, as well as low down time in your organization.

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QNE WeChat Mobile App is a well-designed application that offers a simple, clean and light design UI kit. Each layout is designed simply for user’s easy understanding.

This Salesperson App allows users to view their monthly or yearly sales, monthly target, target remaining and target percentage which is vital for shop owners and businessmen. Setting an annual sales goal and keeping track of the sales target achievement can help owners to put the business structure in place and monitor its status accordingly.

Besides, users can create and view their details by creating customers, quotations or transfer stocks details to orders, delivery orders and sales invoices on this reliable mobile sales app.

Creating a customer account in this Salesperson App is very convenient. Users can just insert their company name, email, phone number, fax number, salesperson and the source of lead category and term. Other personal details can be inserted as well.

With all of these useful features, this is proven to be beneficial for business owners. After filling out all the information, the data will be saved in the database real-time!

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And to put all these in one statement, users can even check their report with icon at the top right corner, below the menu bar. By pressing the little icon, users can choose what report format they want it to be viewed to, whether in PDF, Adobe Acrobat or any other formats available. They can copy the given link and can directly send to their customers.

Apart from that, users can also check their stock balance.

To sum up everything, QNE WeChat Mobile App known as the Salesperson App can cater the needs of the businesses.
From the benefits cited above, it is proven to be one of the basic necessities of the business owners nowadays!

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