QNE Digital Portal is suitable for all types of businesses with it’s powerful and rich features that guarantees to help you grow your business ONLINE.

It is simple, easy and friendly to use Business to Business (B2B) platform managing orders and reporting, by just a few simple clicks.

No Credit Card Required


No Credit Card Required

Benefits of QNE Digital Portal


Help strengthen your online presence, letting potential clients and resellers find you through search engines. 

B2B e-commerce platform can help improve your business performance as it can make the day-to-day operations more efficient.

Access Stock availability online

Manage your inventory online with our eCommerce monitoring software. Track online Out-Of-Stocks and anticipate potential availability issues in the future.

control customer's credit limit online

        Prevent bad debts or receivables uncollected in a long-term. Set Credit Limits, Payment Terms and Payment Methods like Paypal, Cash On Delivery, Online Transfer. 

      Easily identify the customers you can continue trading with.


control different prices for customers / resellers

          QNE Digital Portal allows users to set different pricing scheme for different customers or resellers.

      It allows users to control and set multiple pricing roles per item or per group of customers and let your customers access to their respective pricing scheme through the Online Customer Portal.

fully integrated with accounting software

     QNE Digital Portal can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Accounting System, updating your Sales and Inventory movement. Hence, no double or triple work needed. A proven and tested integration is with QNE Optimum Accounting System. 

As the data from QNE-Digital integrates with your Accounting System, data will be automatically sync with real-time posting to corresponding accounts.

download customer statement online

       Allows you to download customer statement online on the spot and then be easily upload or forward to your customers via social media such as Whatsapp and emails.


Overall Better Customer Online Experience

       Customer experience is a top priority to businesses. QNE Digital Portal is designed to make your business more productive. It is fast, simple and easy to use so as it optimise the entire customer journey. Your customers will definitely love it. 


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No Credit Card Required