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Terms & Conditions :-
1) Dealers are entitled to a 1-Years FREE subscription starting 1st November 2020 until 31st October 2021
    ** Premium Dealers are entitle to an additional 1-Year FREE Subscription starting 1st November 2020 until 31st October 2022

2) Dealers are to use QNE Digital Portal to pay QNE Software effective 1st November 2020
    as this will be one of our consideration to renew your QNE Digital Portal subscription for FREE in the future.

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Essentially, the implementation of Business to Business models performs a key role in creating the overall awareness concerning business growth. Also, the internet has become among the most used platforms where any individual can easily interrelate with their customers. Also, business organizations can recognize the present market trends and hence, develop and enhance their marketing for improving awareness of their company.


Who are your regular customers? What do they like purchasing from your company? Are they aware of the promotions and offers?

These and many other related questions can be answered using analytics and insights provided. This data is valuable since you can use it to send targeted promotions to your customers and entice them to keep coming back.


Traditionally, people had to go to stalls or shops to place orders or purchase the item that they need.

Having an online digital portal can make the entire process more efficient. On the other hand, when a customer places an order online, they take their time to browse the catalog and get familiar with add-on deals and offers that your company is offering.