Leave Setup You Should Do Before 2021 Ends!

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Leave Setup You Should Do Before 2021 Ends!

📢 Leave Setup You Should Do Before 2021 Ends!

📍 Hiya!

Greetings from QNE Software. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our beloved users!

It’s less than 2 weeks before it’s 2022! Have you prepared yourself for the unexpected challenges ahead? And no I’m not talking about your New Year Resolutions and lifelong bucket list here.

As a HR, other than preparing EA Forms and Form E (a.k.a CP8D) what are some of the preparations you need in order to start your 2022 smooth and easy? If you are using QNE Cloud Payroll & HR Software, there are a couple of things you should do before 2022 arrives. Let’s see if you have completed the tasks yet.

If not, now is the time you should start! I promised, it won’t even take an hour.

Setup 2022 Leave Calendar

With a proper Leave Calendar setup, your employee can apply for leave for next year! Here’s how.

  1. Go to Company > Calendar
  2. Click on any of the calendars you are using and open up the set up page.
  3. Select Year to 2022.

Public Holidays

  1. In the Public Holiday Section, filter the Public Holidays based on your states.
  1. Click Select All or select Public Holidays that your company is eligible to.
  2. Click on Apply

Rest Day

  1. At the Rest Day Section, Click on Add to add new rules for your company’s off day. For Example, companies that are having their off days on weekend may create the rules as this.

Off Every Saturday:

Month: Every Month

Week: Saturday

Day: Full Day

2. Click OK > Now create the same rule for Sunday.

3.Select both rules > click Apply

4. If your Holiday and Rest day falls on the same day. Simply select which one to display in your calendar and click OK.

5. You can now see the holidays and rest days you’ve selected in Customised page.

Customize Holiday/Rest Day

You can also create customized holidays/rest days in your Leave Calendar.

  1. Click on Customized
  2. Click Add
  3. Fill in the details > Click Ok and the Holiday/Rest Day will be added into your current calendar.
  1. Remember to click Save to apply the changes.

Brought Forward Leave Balance with Leave Year End

If any of your Leave Type is eligible to be brought forward, please remember to perform Leave Year End to update the Brought Forward Leaves to next year’s Leave Opening.

Setup Leave Type that allows it to be brought forward

1. At Human Resources > Leave Type, click on the Leave Type that you want to set as a B/F leave.

2. Clicks on Allow B.Forward checkbox > select your restrictions on the maximum days allowed to carried forward and the expiration date.

* If you have a different expiration date every year, please only update the brought forward leave’s expiration date on the year itself

For example, if your expiration date for Year 2021 is on March 31, you should update the expiration date in the year 2021 (before Leave Year End). If 2022’s expiration date is May 31, update the date when you reach Year 2022 only.

Leave Year End

Leave Year End is the process of calculating and bringing forward the employees’ leave balances that are set up to be carried forward to next year.

To do so, please expand Human Resources, click on Leave Year End.

1. You can Process each employee individually by selecting the Leave here and click on Process. A successful message will prompt.

Click OK to confirm

2. You can also click on Batch Process to perform Leave Year End to all your employees in just a few clicks.

3. An Employee list will prompt. You may select all employees or just simply select employees that are eligible.

4. Click OK > OK again to confirm

5. A successful message will prompt for completed process

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