Accounting System – TPE, SME: How To Choose Your Accounting System?

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Accounting System – TPE, SME: How To Choose Your Accounting System?

Accounting System – TPE, SME: how to choose your accounting system?

Accounting system – Whether the manager of an SME or VSE type company decides to internalize his accounting or entrusts it to a chartered accountant firm, it is in his interest to equip himself with the accounting system. Find out how to make the right choice among the accounting system available on the market.

Choose an accounting system adapted to the tax regime of your company

Not all accounting system offers the same functionality. This software is therefore adapted according to the size of the company and its tax regime. An entrepreneur in micro-enterprise will have to mention his quotes and invoices the deductible in the basis of VAT which is not the case in a SARL or a SASU for example. You can then do the first sorting according to the type of business targeted by the publishers of the accounting system.

Take stock with your accountant

Your accountant will have software for different organizations like a man and van company, transportation companies, etc, but you will also need to equip yourself. Indeed this software will allow you to edit your commercial documents, quotes, invoices, etc. You can also manage your cash flow and use the dashboards generated by your software to manage your business.

Prefer software compatible with that of your accountant for more fluidity in your exchanges. This should be facilitated if you choose to entrust the engagement letter to a chartered accountant specializing in VSEs and SMEs.

The functionalities of the accounting system

Now that you have selected your accountant and defined his missions with him, you can list the features you need. Your software must be adapted to your sector of activity, adapted to your IT equipment (PC or Mac), and offer the functionalities that you have identified as necessary (edition of quotes, invoices, VAT declaration, etc.).

d also think about the possibility of creating several user accounts and the need to integrate your bank details. If you plan to hire staff or if you already have employees, a payroll management module is also necessary.

Test several accounting systems

At this stage, you will have compiled a list of an accounting systems that may suit your business needs. This QNE software generally offers trial periods without obligation. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this time to test the different software to choose the one with which, with equal functionality, you will feel most comfortable.

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