Budget 2023 Malaysia

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Budget 2023 Malaysia

Many accounting software-related policies are included in Budget 2023 Malaysia, which was unveiled on October 18, 2022 by Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz. These measures are meant to assist businesses and expedite financial procedures. The budget demonstrates the government’s recognition of the value of digitalization in enhancing corporate productivity and spurring economic growth.

The Digitalization Grant for SMEs is one of the primary accounting software-related measures in Budget 2023 Malaysia. The goal of this initiative is to give money to SMEs who want to use digital solutions, such as accounting software. The government has set out RM50 million for this award, which would pay up to RM5,000 per SME and up to 50% of the overall cost of the digital solutions.


In addition to this grant, Budget 2023 Malaysia inclu犀利士
des initiatives to encourage enterprises to utilise electronic invoicing. With the use of e-invoicing, businesses can produce, transmit, and receive invoices entirely online, doing away with the need for paper-based bills. The government has set aside RM30 million to encourage companies to use electronic invoicing, which is anticipated to save companies time and money on administrative expenses.

Initiatives to increase tax compliance and streamline tax procedures through digitalization are also included in the budget. The e-KYC (Electronic Know-Your-Customer) system, which will speed up the process of confirming taxpayers’ identities, has been given RM20 million by the government for implementation. This method will increase the effectiveness of tax procedures while lowering the danger of fraud.


Also, Budget 2023 Malaysia includes policies to encourage the digitalization of public services, which will be advantageous for companies doing business with government institutions. In order to assist the development of the digital economy and give businesses easier access to government services, the government has set aside RM1 billion to upgrade digital infrastructure, including high-speed internet and cybersecurity measures.

In conclusion, Budget 2023 Malaysia includes a number of accounting software-related initiatives that are meant to boost corporate growth and digitalization. Measures that will help enterprises, expedite financial operations, and support the nation’s economic recovery include the Digitalization Award for SMEs, e-invoicing incentives, and reforms to the tax system.

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